As a family, we’ve bought and sold homes with career moves for close to 40 years.
We felt safe with Jeremy’s  guidance especially coming from a completely different area of the country.
Out of State and Out of Country prospective Buyers, we highly recommend Lionheart Pride.

For a few years, we had been seeking a seasonal home property in or near Old Towne Orange with quick access to Disneyland.
We reached out to Jeremy Wayland in 2019 and began with the process of selecting favorite areas and favorite homes.
Fast Forward to the beginnings of a years long global pandemic and a lot of binge TV series viewing, we paused the search a bit.
In Spring 2022, we picked back up where we left off with Jeremy.
He remembered us and the reason we returned to him specifically is because he was so gracious when we were initially looking several years ago;
pressed pause and then resumed.
Jeremy didn’t miss a beat in the process.

We finally met Jeremy in person and he guided us in the search, offers, negotiations with his depth and breadth awareness of the area.
Coming from the Pacific Northwest, we relied on Jeremy’s insights to the market from his decades serving the community in real estate and property management transactions.  Buying a home is always an emotional adventure and in markets such as Seattle and Orange, the process is a bit more passionate with inventory low, demand high and falling in love with the beauty of the areas.
With the guidance of Jeremy and his team, we found a great match for our family’s needs.
Navigating alongside him with his incredible insights of the area allowed us to stay with our plan and avoid what could have potentially been purchasing digressions.

He was mindful to convey understanding of the area we selected to reside.  All details Jeremy had acquired over the decades kept us on course to find a match to our needs in floor plan, a neighborhood with charm, character, and most importantly lovely neighbors who, we should add, share citrus and avocados from their home trees and share them daily!